Conference Setup:

At CG&A we also provide the equipment necessary for covering large events, this includes: mobile interpretation 
full-size and table-top booths which comply with standard ISO 4043, complete Sony units with consoles, headsets, microphones etc.

Venture- Base transmitters:

In our equipment supply we also include portable wireless Sound Mate transmitters which broadcast in their own auditory assistance band and won't interfere with other FM devices. These Venture systems are ideal for tour groups, outdoor events or small settings where booths can be uncomfortable.

Gentner Digital-6 / Plus:

Both transmission systems clearly broadcast the interpreter's voice on to our Gentner Digital-6 / Plus users who will appreciate the flexibility of these receivers. They have separate audio sources transmitting on different frequencies.

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Table-top booth
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Gentner Digital-6 Receiver
Surround Earphone
Gonsin Conference system
Full-size booth
Gentner Digital-6 Plus Receiver
Sound Mate Wireless Transmitter
Gonsin Conference / Interpretation / Voting System
Gentner Digital-6 Plus Receiver
Gentner Digital-6 Receiver
Sound Mate Wireless Transmitter
Earphone with disposable cushions
Surround Earphone 
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