Frieda de García interpreting for presidents
Interpreting for President President Saca and President Elect Mauricio Funes

With over 30 years of experience, at CG&A we know that translation is not just about putting words into another language. A truly outstanding language services company knows that capturing the underlying meaning and unspoken intent is key. CG&A puts this within your grasp and provides you with a high quality, reliable product that will help you reach the audience of your choice, no matter the language or sector. 

Our Vision

CG&A Is a language services company which helps clients integrate their operations in an increasingly globalized business environment.

Our flexible, solution-based approach harnesses the power of a worldwide presence to meet clients' rigorous standards. 

Every member of the CG&A team embraces the challenge of achieving fluency in all business realms while preserving the integrity of the original content.

Our Mission

CG&A facilitates multilingual communications by using the best professionals and most up-to-date technology to provide high quality, reliable, affordable, and personalized translation and interpretation solutions for our valued clientele.

Through strategic partnerships and alliances, we continually create efficiencies and advantages for our clients.

Our General Manager, Frieda de García interpreting for President 
Barack Obama and President E. Antonio Saca during the Summit of 
the Americas (Trinidad & Tobago '09)                 
Our General Manager, Frieda de García interpreting for President Antonio Saca and President Mauricio Funes during their meetings with several US Congressmen.
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