Interpretation Pres. Saca, Secty. Rice
Frieda de Maldonado interpreter
Founded in 1986, Castellanos Garcia & Associates represents a premier language services company offering translation and Interpretation services.
CG&A counts on an international database of qualified interpreters/translators, which allows us to offer services in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese among others.

The Senior Interpreters and Translators at CG&A are highly qualified and have a vast experience in almost every field of the Private and Public Sectors: Law Enforcement, Military, Trade, Finance, Legal, Medical, Humanitarian etc. 
and have worked with some of the most recognized organizations in these fields.

At CG&A we uphold our clients' confidentiality and conduct our business in the most professional manner. We maintain the highest standards of conduct and honesty in all our business practices.

 "To know that an interpreter is unbiased and professional is vital for us, and in all the years of working with Frieda and her team I can say that they epitomize those principles." 

Dr. Richard Goetze Jr.
Triad Enterprises

"I wanted to mention how impressed I was and still am by the outstanding work done by the two interpreters during our event, both had a unique way of making everything that was said very comprehensive."

Dr. Theodore Munsat
World Federation of Neurology


Frieda García C. interpreting for President E. Antonio Saca and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns
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"We can speak your language                
         at a price you'll understand."

Frieda de García (left) interpreting for President  George W. Bush and President E. Antonio Saca at the White House